About Us

About Us

Star Scholars Inc. is a small to medium enterprise in Crown Heights in Brooklyn. It is a for-profit business in the education industry. It now serves students aged 4-11 for the After School program, and 4-55 for the one on one tutorial program. Whether a student is now enrolled in a school, degree program, certificate program, or they haven’t been to school in over a decade, there is a staff eagerly awaiting to meet and help you excel in your academic goals. With the unprecedented advances in the education system i.e. the Common Core, the company makes it easy to transform practical thinkers into pragmatic thinkers. Even if a person wants tutoring for just one week, it would behoove our clients to take notes and feel confident in their test-taking abilities. Learning is timeless so any lead/potential client would find this service useful.

1 on 1 tutoring program

Star Scholars Academy was developed to meet the academic, social, and recreational needs of the youth within New York City. Our founder’s vision was to establish an enriched learning environment and provide high quality programming for youth of all ages. Star Scholars provides instructors and tutors with specific content expertise. This creates a unique environment which is enriched, culturally diverse and great for learning.

Star Scholars prides itself on implementing an overall approach to learning with an emphasis on the 5 pillars of character which include Respect, Responsibility, Citizenship, Trustworthiness and Fairness.

Our aim is to provide all children regardless race, religion, or ethnicity, an opportunity to excel academically using the common core as well as common sense.

Kofi Jackson

Meet the CEO/Director

Kofi Jackson started Star Scholars Academy in Spring of 2013 with the purpose to serve the Crown Heights community. He has a wealth of experience with an Undergraduate degree in Mathematics from CUNY Medgar Evers. As a CUNY Alumni, he sought to have a business in the community that helped nurture him. Through ongoing mentoring, he has undertaken multiple teaching opportunities from CUNY Hostos, Medgar Evers and many more. His vision is reach out to neighboring communities and improve Math and English fluency through tutoring and mentoring.As he continues to thrive in this environment, his down to earth nature proves to be his biggest asset.

Mission Statement

Our 1 on 1 tutoring program includes homework help to improve your child’s understanding of homework assignments and projects. It is our goal to build confidence by providing tools and techniques to become successful and instill a love of learning.

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We offer private, one on one tutoring to students of all ages and grades levels. We also offer customized SAT, ACT, and PSAT programs within the comfort of your own home.


Our after- school program is mainly academics. However, we also provide our students with access to enriched activities, positive social and leadership skills. In addition, students have access to youth development, health and nutrition and physical fitness activities.

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